Christmas in November!

Christmas in November!

Who in their right mind has a Christmas party in November??!!  ....Fabulous people who work in retail & want to the afternoon off for a bit of fun - that's who!!


So Matt & I (Juliet) got ourselves a boat & headed out on the Harbour to unwind and show our appreciation to our awesome Team Jana, Tony, Maya, Anya, John & Amy. Sadly Missing were Kayla & Reece - but we drank enough for both of them in their honour!


Were had adventures - bags left on the wharf and rescued with the help of a friendly bystander, belongings lost at sea & failed attempts to drive by and grab them were saved by an heroic & chilly dive in by John, a trusty old hat lost for good (because we were over heroic rescues by then), a thorough soaking & some rescued grapes (yes, more rescues - you're a good mama Amy!!) when the wind picked up and half the ocean wanted to join us on board and some epic boat driving skills by Matt.


We drank, we ate, we laughed, we screamed. Merry Christmas everyone!


May the Christmas customers always be lovely & the Christmas Carols be forever banned in our store :-)



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