Who are you guys?

Hey! Welcome to Blue Dog!

Blue Dog was born in the back of a van & the logo is a Cattle Dog - What’s more Aussie than that?! (OK so it wasn’t a panel van but it’s close enough!)


We’ve been around since 2002 sharing our love of Pop Culture, Art, Nerdiness, Quirkiness & Cool stuff. We curate a huge range of Posters, Art, Frames, & Gifts that we absolutely love & think you will too. We like to think our range has something for everyone to express themselves & show the world how they feel.


Our story started when we gathered up the coolest posters we could find around the world and began trawling around in a big van setting up massive poster sales in Universities across Australia. It was a tough job but heaps of fun – how could you not love it - loads of students literally screaming with excitement every day at the sight of the new stuff you found for them!


 “Keeping Students Weird” was our motto because ‘Weird’ is anything that makes you different & is something we love to celebrate. We’re still “Keeping People Weird” but we’re much more inclusive than just students these days!


We learned so much about what y’all were looking for (and not finding anywhere else!). We know you want cool stuff, you want be surprised by the new stuff, you want to be blown away by the retro stuff, you don’t want dodgy knock offs, you don’t need highbrow, you just want great quality that’s affordable so you can plaster your rooms & homes with abandon!


We’ve still got the van (yes, the same one – 17 years old – poor old girl!) but we now have an awesome Bricks & mortar store in the heart of King Street, Newtown, Sydney and this pretty nice website for you to check out everything we have to offer. Skip straight to the online store or take a virtual tour of the Newtown Store


We still source posters from the US & Europe as well as Australia & we proudly support local & independent Artists. Check out our unique Feature Artist Section here.

Come and see what’s new, visit our shop in Newtown: 309 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

Have a look at the Blue Dog shop photos at the bottom of this page!

Our claim: We have the best range of cool posters in Australia and we back it up with great service.

Big call? We think we know what we're doing and we think that we do it pretty well. We'd prefer not live in denial, so if for some reason you don't agree, please let us know why. Ignorance may be bliss, but we think we'd rather know for sure.

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