What's the difference between a poster and a print?

Posters are usually printed on a thinner paper with a gloss finish, while an artist print is usually printed on a higher grade, uncoated paper. Uncoated paper is thicker, with a matt finish and a hint of texture. This makes the artwork look a bit more authentic, and that's why a print will often cost more than a poster.

Do you sell to wholesale customers?

For all wholesale enquiries, please email matt@impactmerch.com.au

Let Matt know the nature of your business and your contact details, including which state you're in, and he'll get back to you!

Poster hangers - How they work

Looking for a special way to display your new poster? We stock a portrait poster hanger and a landscape poster hanger you may want to check out.

Here's how they work:

Poster Hanger

1. Remove your poster hangers from the packaging and locate the open edge.

Poster Hanger

2. Simply slip the open edge on to the poster and slide along.

Poster Hanger

3. Repeat on the other side.

Poster Hanger

4. Hangers can be attached to the wall using the loop in the middle or removable double sided tape can be stick along the back.