Green Dog

Green Dog Posters

At Blue Dog, we've made a commitment to become as green as reasonably possible.

Steps we've undertaken include:

  • We've changed our default packaging in store from plastic tubing to paper wraps.
  • We have had storage & display sleeves custom made for our prints to eliminate the use of single use cello bags & cardboard backing.
  • For online orders we've always use cardboard tubing and brown paper
  • We buy electricity from renewable sources (such as wind, solar).
  • We recycle as much waste as we can.
  • We re-use as much packaging as possible.
  • We changed all our lighting in store & warehouse from low voltage spotlights (which guzzle power) to low energy LED spot lights.
  • We print promotional material on paper sourced from managed forests and recycled paper.
  • ... And now many of the posters we source are printed on recycled paper as well as paper generated from managed forests.
  • Nothing more than greenwashing? Got a suggestion for something we can do better? Let us know.

    • For info on managed forests please visit: FSC
    • For info on our 'Green' Electricity: GreenPower
    • For info on our recycled rubbish please visit: URM
    • We found the new Toyota Hi-Ace to be 30% more efficient than our previous (Ford Transit) van.
    • Promotional material is printed on partly recycle paper and paper sourced from controlled forests:  Halkeas Printing