A Big Boo Boo Greeting Card

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""Holy crap! I only ordered my posters midday yesterday & they were here when I got home from work today! That's incredible! Thanks guys!""

- Cameron

""... My mother told me you rang yesterday with news of the posters being sent to me, then this morning at 6.30am they arrived on our doorstep. Now that's service! Thanks for your help with getting them to me.""

- Kate

""... My mum ordered the posters for me and all I have to say is "WOW!", your posters are the best I've seen for such a great price and they arrived very securely. Thank you Blue Dog I will look forward to ordering from you again!""

- Thomas

""Thank you for your professional, efficient service! Highly commended! I was so impressed how on how quickly the item was delivered to me.""

- Sabrina

"" ... thanks for the website - Australia is in shortage of good poster shops! Your broad selection is great ... ""

- Fleur

""Got my fab posters today!! My little grandson will love them, thanks for the quick delivery.""

- Samantha

""Thanks heaps, got it today, was nice and speeedy!""

- Amy